Why Windstar is the Way to Sail

The wind and stars have guided the journeys of travelers throughout history. Today they illuminate paths forward for Windstar’s guests to explore the world one enchanting destination at a time. Each of their majestic yachts in their iconic, masted Wind Class and their newly transformed all-suite Star Plus Class captures the feeling of cruising on your own private yacht. They are perfectly sized for 148 to 342 discerning guests, ready to indulge in the casual luxury that Windstar is known for. Personalize with sails or all-suite yachts, Cruise-Only or All-Inclusive fares to fit your style. That’s 180 degrees from ordinary.


Can cruising be more environmentally responsible?

At MSC Cruises we believe it can be. From introducing the cleanest marine fuel available on our latest ships to our state-of-the-art water treatment facilities, we’re putting environmental responsibility at the heart of everything we do. To preserve the sea we call home, and change cruising for good.

Our new cruise ships are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible at sea. From cleaner technologies to innovative restaurant concepts, our growing fleet is a statement of our commitment to the future of this planet

Discover the Future of Cruising with MSC Cruises


Our team has traveled the globe to give you the best insights into every destination.


Take a spa day, indulge in a wine tasting, or go on a shore excursion – use your credit however you like.


We’ll take care of every detail so wherever you go, you can travel without worries.

Small Cruise Yachts

Visit local markets with Chef. Drop by the Open Bridge for an impromptu lesson on chart reading with Captain. Share bottles of wine and appetizers with the couple sitting next to you in Candles. Listen to live music in the Lounge. Jump directly off the yacht from our Watersports Platform. And most of all, do more the things you want to do when you travel.


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Beyond the Reach of Ordinary

Windstar scours the world for amazing places just this side of unreachable, then seek out the most authentic ways for guests to experience them – in small groups that are easily absorbed by local cultures rather than intruding on them. Their itineraries are port intensive, often with exclusive landfalls larger ships can’t access. And they often stay late into the evening or even overnight in places where neon dims the stars. Go. They can’t wait to show you what they’ve found.

The way to cruising private yacht style.

With the wind behind you and the stars above, you can go anywhere aboard their fleet of three classic sailing and three newly transformed all-suite yachts. Cruise on what feels like your own perfectly sized private sailing yacht, where you have the freedom and space to do more of what you love alongside 148 to 342 fellow travelers.

Windstar Knows the Way

The way to get closer to new places and experiences.

Windstar doesn’t just take you to places. It takes you into places bigger ships simply cannot. Wake up to iconic ports and hidden harbors while docked on the doorstop of the world’s most fascinating cities. Each is yours to explore from a local’s perspective with tours and excursions guaranteed to make every trip ashore a trip of a lifetime.

The way to build new and lasting connections.

When you sail with Windstar, you don’t just get to know places. You get to know people. The kind of people, guests and crew alike who add to the unpretentious casual atmosphere onboard and who create lifelong bonds thanks to their shared travel experience. What will remain, long after the trip, is a sense of community and your place within it.

The way to service from the heart.

They call them Windstar moments and they’re created by a crew that considers hospitality a calling, not just a job. While you are not a number, their 1.5 to 1 guest-to-crew ratio make acts of personalized attention and recognition a daily occurrence. Simple gestures like remembering your name or recommending a favorite, must-see location ashore isn’t just what they do. It’s how they share the joy of cruising.

The way to locally inspired cuisine without reservations.

Fully immersing yourself in destinations and cultures should leave you full. As the Official Cruise Line of the James Beard Foundation, it begins in the kitchens where their chefs take inspiration from locally sourced, fresh ingredients and plate innovative twists on local cuisine. No cover charges and no reservations needed. Just you, a table and a world of delicious possibilities.